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 Higher Education Statistics Centre

  Higher Education Statistics Centre

Higher Education Statistics Centre is one of the Ministry of Education ​- Higher Education initiatives in 1426 AH, and is considered an extension of the role played by the Information Center in the General Department for Information and Studies for a long time since its inception. The need for a specialized center in higher education statistics  comes as a result of the development which higher education witnesses. The quantitative and qualitative development and growth in higher education development require the allocation of directed efforts to monitor the quantitative growth in higher education institutions and the provision of related statistical studies with extreme precision and professionalism.

Higher Education Statistics Centre takes the responsibility of  collecting, archiving, analyzing, publishing and disseminating statistical information of higher education. Statistical indicators of growth and its data are directly collected from higher education institutions using professional and scientific methods to support the process of decision-making in issues concerned with higher education.

In order to operate according the best practices and experiences in this field, the center used the expertise of international agencies and associations in various countries around the world and have managed to benefit from them to a large extent. The center seeks to achieve the following objectives:

• Collecting and archiving all data and statistical information relevant to higher education in Saudi Arabia
• Providing valid and reliable data and statistical information for those responsible for higher education, researchers and scholars interested in this field
• Carrying out statistical studies
• Raising awareness of the importance of data and statistical studies
• Cooperating with the centers and related organizations within and outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Book of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia, Summary Report 1428 AH.

Last Modified 25 Mar 2015
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