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 International Exhibition & Conference on Higher Education

 International Exhibition & Conference on Higher Education


Encouraging participation, enhancing collaboration, and building partnerships between Saudi and international universities, higher education institutions, and educational organizations as well as developing mutual understanding about the issues that govern and influence the quality of higher education worldwide.


The International Exhibition for Higher Education seeks to host international universities and higher education institutions under one umbrella in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to introduce them as well as provide an environment for scientific cooperation between international and Saudi higher education institutions in both the public and private sectors.


The International Exhibition for Higher Education seeks to achieve the following objectives: 1.Provide opportunity to the community with its various institutions, categories and individuals, particularly those interested in out-of-the-country scholarship programs, to become aware of international higher education institutions, including review of their respective educational and academic systems and procedures and interact with them. 2.Encourage higher education institutions in the kingdom to upgrade their academic and professional capabilities to reach the levels enjoyed by their well-established counterparts. 3.Provide access of local universities and faculty staff to international expertise and resources. 4.Open positive communication channel between educational authorities in the kingdom and international higher education institutions and stimulate them to make academic agreements. 5.Provide opportunities to review cutting-edge technologies in the field of e-learning and distance education.

More information on this annual event at its website
Last Modified 24 Mar 2015
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