Stages of the Process from Announcement to Departure

Stages of the Process from Announcement to Departure

1. Application

The Deputy Ministry for Scholarship Affairs will announce the date for the beginning for registration for the King Abdullah Scholarship Program in the local newspapers and on the Ministry's Internet website (immediately after the end of the school year in Saudi Arabia). Applications for acceptance in the program must be made through the link on the website dedicated to registration. The Internet registration forms have been designed to reflect the latest international standards and include basic and personal information about the applicant, means of contact, academic information and information regarding the specific level of the program for which he or she is applying. After the applicant has entered all the required information, he or she will be given a request number in addition to a secret number through which he will be able to follow-up on his request by means of the scholarship program's link on the Ministry's website.

2. Screening and Interview

After the completion of the electronic application process, and exclusion of those applicants who do not fulfill the conditions for consideration, the administration of the scholarship program screens the identification and academic documents for the remaining applicants. Each applicant is also personally interviewed in one of six interview centers across the Kingdom (Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, al-Madinah al-Munawwarah, al-Qasim and Abha). The program administration then electronically archives all the files presented by applicants who have successfully passed this stage.

3. Nomination

In this stage, the
Ministry of Education - Higher Education announces the names of all final nominees for the King Abdullah Scholarship Program in the local newspapers as well as on the Ministry's website. The Ministry follows a policy of clarity and transparency in making its decisions, and so allows anyone who was not nominated to register his objection with the program administration, after he will be apprised of the basis for rejection, or – in the case of an error on the part of the program administration – he will be nominated for acceptance. The administration of the scholarship program then sends electronic files of all nominees to the Saudi Arabian cultural missions in the countries where they are nominated to study, and electronic files of some nominees to the appropriate universities worldwide in order to obtain academic acceptance for them.

4. Forum for Scholarship Students

In line with the concern of the Ministry of Education ​- Higher Education represented by the Deputy Ministry for Scholarship Affairs for the welfare of awardees of scholarships within the King Abdullah Scholarship Program, an annual forum for scholarship nominees is organized in three of the Kingdom's cities: Riyadh, Jeddah and Khobar. The forum seeks to provide nominees with the knowledge and skills they will need to face the problems of daily life in the countries in which they will pursue their education. This is accomplished through a series of lectures and symposiums which deal with the following topics:
  • Information regarding the scholarship system and the scholarship recipient's rights and obligations
  • Information regarding the countries in which the scholarship awardees will study, including their legal systems, social customs, systems of study and academic affairs, medical systems, and housing
  • A wealth of other information which serves to prepare the scholarship awardees psychologically and socially and enable them to improve themselves, alongside different lectures on general awareness topics
These lectures are delivered by a select group of specialists in the areas concerned, in addition to Saudis who have graduated from the countries in which the scholarship recipients will study, alongside representatives from the relevant foreign diplomatic missions in the Kingdom. Leading national personalities are also invited to participate in presenting their experience to the students.

5. Completion of Formalities and Departure

  • The nominee for the King Abdullah Scholarship is required to present all necessary documentation to the program administration including acceptance from the foreign university and a student visa from the relevant country. At this stage, the program administration will once again review the nominee's information and documents and, if everything is in order, the scholarship award will be granted
  • After issuance of the scholarship award, the recipient will receive a government transport order and air tickets from the Deputy Ministry for Scholarship Affairs
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