King Faisal University

 King Faisal University


Year established :



  • City : Al Ahsa
  • Province Population : 3,360,031
  • P.O. Box : 380
  • Postal Code : 31982
  • Phone +966-3-5801770
  • Fax +966-3-5801770
  • Campuses : Al Ahsa , Dammam, Al Qatif and Hafr Al Batin


Admission Office : ( in Arabic )

Enrollment & Calendar

  • Total Enrollment : 16,945
  • Total Staff : 2,107
  • Academic Calendar : By Semesters

About King Faisal University

King Faisal University was founded in the city of Al-Hofuf, Al-Ahsa Province, consisting of two separate colleges that have historically symbolized excellence in the academia and research: the College of Foods & Agricultural Sciences and the College of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Resources. The second branch of the university was then founded in Dammam City, including a College of Medicine & Medical Sciences and a College of Architecture & Planning. These four colleges formed the universityʼs core, which soon expanded into a comprehensive university consisting of multiple colleges and research centers, including the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Deanship of Academic Research, established in 1984 and 2000 respectively. These departments have enabled the university to offer a number of postgraduate programs and facilitate academic research in most colleges.

In addition to sponsoring scientific research, the university has made numerous contributions to the local community and has addressed environmental concerns. In order to expand its reach into society, the university established twelve scientific research centers, including he Date Palms Research Center, Water Research Center, Camel Research Center, Veterinary Research & Animal Husbandry Center, Islamic Architecture & Solar Energy Unit, and Prince Muhammad Bin Fahad Bin Abdulaziz Medical Research Center.

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