Help offered to Differently Abled Persons

​​​Help offered to Persons with Special Needs:

Ministry of Education strives to enable people with special needs to enjoy their right to have access to e-Services through its portal. Ministry kindly requests you to contact it via a Live Chat (instant messaging) with the Technical Support team, fill in our contact form, send your suggestions and feedback, or communicate directly with officers through the Message to Officer (Arabic Content) service.

We would be pleased to communicate with you at the earliest opportunity. You can use the content reporting button at the bottom of each page on the portal to report browsing issues facing people with special needs.

Accessibility for the Visually-Impaired:

Font Size: 

Font Size copy.png
You can change the font size by using the font size link at the top of each page to reach a font size that is good for you. You can move the mouse cursor to the hyperlinks on the site and they will be enlarged to increase clarity and facilitate access to the required link.

General Colors: 

You can change the theme or color pattern in the portal by using the general color control link in the top of each page to set the colors that are appropriate for you and that give you enjoyable, comfortable and visible reading experience. 

The Onscreen Reader: 

jaws Screen Reader   SuperNova Screen Reader

Ministry of Education's portal provides the onscreen reader service on top of each subject in the portal. Thanks to this service, visitors do not need to download any software or pay any fees. The service also highlights the text that is being read. It offers an invaluable help to people with visual impairments or dyslexia.

Many software and service sites which serve the visual-impaired are also made available to provide an onscreen reading of texts from websites. You can take advantage of such software and sites to be able to have access to the contents of the Ministry of Education's portal. Find below several links to help you. 

Accessibility for the Physically Challenged:

Highlighting effective links:

  • The portal provides the effective links highlighting service when the mouse cursor moves on these links or when they are selected using Tab.
  • The highlight appears in the background to clarify the selected link and assist physically challenged people who have difficulty in precise control.
  • The service also confirms to them that the required links are already selected.

Reducing the need for moving: 
The portal and all the content topics are generally designed in a way that attempts to reduce the need for moving within the page or the need to move the content up and down or left and right.

Moving between links: 
For those facing difficulty in using the mouse, they can rely on the following keys to dispense with the need for using the mouse:

- Tab: To move between links. The portal will help you by highlighting the currently effective link.
- Enter: to follow the chosen link.
- Space: to scroll down the page.
- Backspace: to return to the previous page in your browser.
- Arrow keys: to go up and down in the page.

Accessibility for the Deaf or Hearing-Impaired:

Font size: 
You can change the font size in the portal by using the font size links in the top of each page to reach a font size that is good for you.​

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