Scholarships to Non-Saudis

Saudi Arabian government offers two types of scholarships to non-Saudis to get higher education in Saudi Arabian universities, as follows:

Internal Scholarships:

To non-Saudi students legally residing in KSA. 

Overseas Scholarships:

To non-Saudis from outside KSA. 

There are three types of scholarships to join Saudi universities given their va​rious benefits as follows: 

Full Scholarships:

In this type, students enjoy all the benefits. 

Partial Scholarships:

In this type, students enjoy some benefits; in it, the educational institutions offers the recipients of partial scholarships, a seat or a seat and accommodation. 

Paid Scholarships:

​Donors who are not universities pay for these scholarships.

Scholarships are granted in accordance with the rules and regulations that are set by the board of directors of the concerned educational institution and they do not contradict with existing regulations applicable in this regard.​
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