The Islamic University

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​Founded by Royal Decree No​. 11 dated 05-09-1961 (G), followed by Royal Decree No. 21, dated 26-09-1961 (G), ratifying the statute of the supreme advisory council of the university. The regulation on higher education and universities was publicized​ by Royal Decree No. M/8 dated 18-11-1993 (G). The university's statute sets its objectives as follows:


  • ​Conveying the eternal message of Islam to the world through advocacy, preaching, and undergraduate, and postgraduate education.
  • Introducing, and developing the Islamic spirit, and deepening practical religiosity, in the life of the individual and the society, based on the dedication of worship of Allah almighty, and absolute followership of the Prophet of Allah (PBUH).
  • Preparing, translating, publishing, and encouraging scientific research in the areas of Islamic, and Arabic sciences particularly, and other sciences, and branches of human knowledge needed by the Muslim community in general.
  • Educating Muslim students from various parts of the world, and creating scholars specialized in Islamic, and Arabic sciences, and religion scholars who are well equipped with the knowledge, and education that qualifies them to call, advocate, and invite people to Islam, solve the religious and worldly problems facing Muslims with the guidance of Al Quran, and Sunnah and the work of our righteous predecessors.
  • Collecting, protecting, verifying, and disseminating the Islamic heritage.
  • Establishing strong scholastic, and cultural ties with universities, and academic bodies, and institutions of the world to serve Islam, and achieve its goals.


  • The Faculty of Shari'a (Islamic law)
  • The Faculty of Da'wah and Fundamentals of Islam
  • The Faculty of The Holy Qur'an and Islamic Studies
  • The Faculty of Arabic Language
  • The Faculty of Noble Hadith and Islamic Studies


  • Secondary Institute
  • Intermediate Institute
  • Darul Hadeeth of Al Madinah
  • Makkah Darul Hadith Intermediate Institute
  • Institute of Teaching Arabic For non-Arab Speakers

For more information, please visit University Website.
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