Information Security and Virus Protection

​​​​Ministry portal uses internationally recognized digital certification which is supported by all web browsers.  Such certification provides these advantages to the user:

  1. Enable the user to verify the identity and authenticity of the portal to make sure, that the portal he or she is visiting is the official, and authentic portal of the ministry. Thus protecting the user from cyber-attacks that deceive the user to believe in authenticity of the portal or site browsed while he is actually browsing a malicious site other than intended portal.
  2. User should rest assured of this authenticity through several features with each web browser used.  Most prominent of these features is the existence of a padlock icon, sometimes a green padlock, next to the site URL.  Browser should not display a red strikethrough on the padlock or any other warning notifications related to the digital certificate.
  3. ​Encryption of  all the information exchanged between the user and the ministry portal in such a way that assures confidentiality and integrity and protect the information used from tampering or unauthorized modification.  This is accomplished by employing best internationally available encryption standards.

Portal functions on systems that are protected by anti-virus and intrusion prevention software that offers the user following features:

  • Assurance of confidentiality and integrity of user data stored in the portal.
  • Assurance of no malicious software installation on the user hardware during a portal browsing session.
  • Assurance of high availability of the portal and the services provided by the portal.
To know more about SSL kindly visit Digicert®.
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