​e-Portal of the Ministry of Education takes security and data confidentiality as an utmost priority, in accordance with its Privacy Policy. Therefore the information security t​eam of the ministry e-Portal has applied the following seurity measures:

​Digital Certificate:

Security team obtained a digital certificate from DigiCert Inc. for all the platforms of the Ministry of Education that are connected with the e-Portal of the ministry. The logo of DigiCert Inc. will appear at the bottom of all the pages of the e-Platforms of Ministry of Education as a proof of authenticity of the ministry's website.

Encryption of e-Transactions and Passwords:

The security team of the e-Portal has used the protocol (HTTPS) with all e-Transactions, data sharing and passwords at the e-Portal for better data encryption. Data encryption prevents connection problems and cyber infiltration and spying. The protocol (SSL) is also used to ensure non-tampering of data sent via the internet by using encryption and digital certificates.

Certification and Digital Signatures:

Ministry of Education is putting great efforts to obtain the license of providing the digital certifications service from the National Center for Digital Certification. This will allow Ministry of Education to shift to the digital signatures and digital certification of documents. This initiative will be an integrated security system, which provides a great environment for secure digital transactions.

It is also a system for public-key encryption using the digital certificate aiming to achieve the following:

  • Identity authentication: By allowing a user to know the identity of the other user with whom he is communicating.
  • Data security: By allowing a secure and confidential data sharing over the e-Portal.
  • Information safety: By detecting any alteration in data after being sent.
  • Digital signatures and certification: By allowing users to digitally sign documents and authenticate any digitally signed document.
Deputy of planning and information in Ministry of Education has put in place all required infrastructure and technical facilities for this project. This will allow the ministry to shift immediately to digital certification and signatures in its transactions as soon as it receives the license from the National Center for Digital Certification and from the e-Government program.

Digitalizing the Ministry of Educatio​​​n's internal work​ will :

  • Eradicate the need of paper-based government transactions.
  • Electronically authenticate academic documentations and qualifications by Ministry of Education, and electronically complete its recognition and equalization process.
  • Electronically authenticate the identity of ministry's staff and the documents sent from them.

Periodic Review of Security Level :

Information security team of the ministry e-Portal periodically conducts a review and a reassessment of the information security level of the e-Portal as well as all platforms and applications connected with the e-Portal.

Additionally, information security team of the ministry e-Portal is currently working on several information security initiatives and is about to start some of them very soon.

For more information, kindly visit  Information Technology Initiatives.
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