Policies, Terms and Conditions

1.1 - Disclaimer (Entitlements Abdication):

The e-Portal of the Ministry of Education, and the services provided through the portal, e.g. information, content and job offers posted on the portal or offers accessed through it are all provided for your personal use "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE", without any consent, promise or liability of any kind.

Ministry of Education will not assure or assume liability for any interruptions, errors or encroachments that may arise from use of this portal, its' contents or any websites linked to it, with or without ministry’s knowledge. User is not entitled for, to own, or the right of assurance of confidentiality, for any communication or information he/she may send through this portal.

Any public or private interactive use through the portal shall not infer, or constitute, for the user, any rights, licensure or privilege of any kind. Ministry’s giving up of a specific right available to it within these terms and conditions at a certain location or in a circumstance does not constitute an automatic and permanent abdication of rights at other locations and/or circumstances.

1.2 - Protection from Computer Viruses:

Information technology department of the Ministry of Education exert many efforts to review and test ministry's e-Services in all its work phases. However, users are advised that always scan all the material downloaded from the internet using standard anti-virus program prior to its use. Ministry will not be liable for any loss, outage or damage to user data or computer that may occur during connection to its portal or use of any contents of it.

1.3 - Usage Termination:

By using its full right to estimate, information technology department might terminate, restrict or stop user’s right to access the portal and/or use of services provided through the portal without notice and for any reason, this include user acts deemed violating terms of use and conditions or any other act deemed by the information technology department  judgment as illegal or harmful for others. User will be no more authorized to enter the portal in case of service termination.

1.4 - General Terms:

All material information and services available on the e-Portal is not for profit, and provided for educational purposes only. Arabic language is the primary medium of portal content materials and usage. Provision of translations of any material aims to be an additional service. Hence, reference to the available translation shall not be for solving any discrepancy in portal content.

Your entry and use of Ministry of Education's e-Portal is subject to the following terms and conditions. Entry in the portal means that you approve these terms and conditions, whether you are a registered user or not. Your entry, browsing and use of this portal, herein constitutes complete approval of the terms and conditions.

You agree that entrance and use of the portal is for legitimate purposes only, you are fully responsible for being informed and abiding by all laws, bylaws, regulations, rules and policies related to your use of the portal. By entry to the portal, you agree to refrain from the following:

  1. Using the portal to commit a crime or encourage others to indulge in any action deemed a crime or involves a civil liability.
  2. Submission or publication of any unlawful content such as impolite, defamatory or improper.
  3. Using the portal to impersonate other characters or parties.
  4. Use of the portal to upload any infectious material such as computer viruses, trojan horses, malware or files or software that might modify, destruct or hinder the work of the portal or any individual’s hardware or software who is using the portal.
  5. Upload, submission, sending or any other broadcast of materials without proper contractual relations or legal bindings.
  6. Modification of, or destruction, or delisting of any portal content.
  7. Any form of disabling of the communication lines.
  8. Claim of affiliation, or representation of any company, association or organization without official authorization, to convey such claim of relation or representation.
  9. Publication or broadcast of any advertisement, promotional material or any form of marketing.
  10. Any conflicting or infringing publication of a material protected by intellectual property laws.
  11. Any collection or storage of other persons' personal information.

1.5 - Registration:

Parts of the e-Portal and the e-Services provided within it are meant for registered users and enables the user to request support or online service after entering their personal information. You agree that all information you provide through such parts are complete and accurate. You agree that you are not going to register and try entering the portal under another username. You also agree that not to adopt a username that, under ministry’s right of preference, considered as offensive.

1.6 - Content:

Ministry of Education reserves the right but is not obliged to monitor any material you submit to the portal. Although Ministry of Education cannot monitor all the material being submitted either to the portal or to online services provided within the portal, ministry reserves the right but is not obliged to delist, remove or edit any submitted material that would contradict with these terms and conditions.

1.7 - Cookies Policy:

Cookies policy lay down information about the Ministry of Education portal's use of cookies on its domain (moe.gov.sa).

What does cookies mean?
Cookies are small text files, which are stored on device used for browsing the portal of Ministry of Education (after you agree), we get some of your data such as internet connection, IP address, browser type, timing of surfing, location and other information.

This helps the Ministry of Education portal to work more efficiently, provides easy access to the beneficiary and delivers good browsing experience.

Consent to use cookies.
When you use Ministry of Education portal for the first time and you click "Accept" on pop-up, it construes as your consent to Ministry portal to use cookies.

Can I withdraw my consent to cookies?
Access to Ministry of Education portal will store cookies on your device to enhance your browsing experience, in case you are reluctant to our use of cookies, you should not click “Accept” once you see pop-up on home page.

Is it possible for me to change cookies settings?
You can manage this by using your browser settings, if you decide not to allow the use of cookies, you can change some or all cookies settings of your browser.

Using browser settings to block all cookies will block important cookies also, and you will be not able to browse or use some or all parts of the Ministry of Education portal.

To know more about cookies.
For more information on cookies, how to manage/delete, please visit www.aboutcookies.org.

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