Equality in Education - Children with Deficiency

Equality in education for disadvantaged children (Children with disability, orphans and the like) The organizational regulations of special education institutes and programs administered by Ministry of Education build on the following principles and tenets:

  1. State have made available the education system and schooling for normal children reaching school age, wherever they are on the vast land of our country, and took it upon itself not to leave any exceptional child without special education services in the best possible educational environment that ensures learner benefit.
  2. How accepting and adapting the normal children teacher is with exceptional children, is the prime factor towards the success of an exceptional child educational journey along with their normal peers.
  3. School principals can play a major role in helping children with disabilities more engaged and responsive with their school. Principals are called for more adaptive and more capable management practice in diversifying learning options and supporting those students whom are facing challenges or difficulties.
  4. The school facility designed for normal students is supposed to be free from all obstacles hindering students with disabilities' use of its amenities.
  5. Education departments must ensure that regular schools are offering education that is inclusive of exceptional students along with provision to normal students. Departments must also work on modification or elimination of any requirements or conditions preventing admission of exceptional students into regular programs to ensure efficacy of the education system.
  6. Special education is proven effective approach in dealing with many problems afflicting general education students like flunking, dropouts, academic underachieving and a lot of psychological or social problems.
  7. The education strategy of 2016-2020 emphasize ensuring provision of quality equitable education inclusive of all and enhancing opportunities of lifelong learning for all through provision of equitable opportunities of quality and inclusive education to all society members of both sexes, whether they are normal, gifted, with disability, senior or illiterate. This effort shall span all education and training levels across all regions and governorates of the Kingdom. In addition to enhancing the flexibility of student mobility and transfer between education and technical or vocational training programs, and between education institutions and technical or vocational training institutions.
  8. The first strategic objective of the Ministry of Education in the National Transformation Program 2020 stated to provide access to education to all student segments through the increase of the capacity for students with disabilities aged 6 to 18 from 58,600 to 2,00,000 Saudi children.

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