Equality in Education - Differently Abled Persons

Kingdoms education policy is inclusive of many essentials and factors that are related to domain of special education such as:

  1. Respecting dignity of individual and provide proper opportunities to develop his skills/abilities, so he/she can contribute in national development. (Article 36)
  2. Taking care of students slow in study and work on eliminating causes of this underdevelopment and create temporary and permanent programs as per their needs. (Article 55)
  3. Special education and care for mentally and physically impaired students, and making education a common for the children of nation as per the Islamic teachings. (Article 56)
  4. Country should focus on education for physically and mentally disable persons as per its abilities and create special cultural curriculum and diversified training in confirmation with their situation. (Article 188)

Also the national strategy should emphasize on developing general education in such a way that provide inclusive learning opportunities and support systems to all students through following policies:

  • Develop policies related to identifying special needs students and categorize them.
  • Develop scientific tools to identify special needs students and their necessities.
  • Develop awareness and perception, and built policies, and work plans to integrate physically and mentally disable students in general education.
  • Provide balanced enrollment opportunities for equal and suitable education in special education schools without any discrimination in terms of gender, social status, geographical location, or the nature of disability.
  • Provide tailored learning opportunities for differently abled gifted and talented students.
  • Setting up school support systems for students at risk.
  • Provide other or alternative opportunities for lifelong learning for those who are outside of educational system or not enrolled in schools.

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