General Department for Nursery Schools


​To supervise Education of Children (3-6) years old, in the Kingdom, and prepare Plans, and Studies to support Educational Field in all matters pertaining to Nursery Schools Technically and Administratively, and to realize objectives of the Ministry at all parts of the Pedagogical and Educational process to meet children developmental needs (Mental, Physical, Psychological, and Physical activity) and prepare them to enter in General Education as Able Persons to build future. 

Detailed Introduction about Services of General Department of Nursery Schools:

  1. Prepare enrolled children of (3-6) years old for Basic Education, Develop and Hone their Abilities and Skills, fortify their Religious and National Belonging, and Qualify them to be involved in building the Nation’s Civilization.
  2. Represent the Ministry in Internal, and Foreign participations in preparing for Exhibitions and Events related to Nursery Schools Education. 
  3. Represent the Ministry in Media appearances related to Nursery Schools Education.
  4. Support the National Commission for Childhood with Data, Statistics, and Achievements, and Reviewing of Publications specializing in Early Childhood Education.
  5. Support the Ministry deputies in different departments in provision of Laws, Policies and Methodologies of work, in all components of the educational process (Child, Teacher, Syllabus, Assessment and Evaluation, Buildings, Tools and Facilities, School Health, Family Relations, Community, Leadership, Developmental Practices). 
  6. Support Universities in Research, and Studies related to this level.
  7. Support Private Investor.
  8. Support Charity Organizations in matters related to Nursery School level.

General Objective:

Enable Children in this age to be ready for Enrollment in Primary Education as per their Aptitudes, and Capacities.


  • Prepare Work Plans and Programs for Nursery School level, and supervise its Execution, Follow-up, and Evaluation.
  • Participate in preparation of Nursery School Curricula, and in their required Programs, Teaching Aids, Technical Tools and Facilities in cooperation with related authorities.
  • Assess Nursery School needs, including Information, and Human Resource staffing by co-operating with General Department of Teacher Affairs, after  setting terms and conditions for Staff Selection.
  • Assess Training & Development needs for workers in Nursery Schools by coordinating with related authorities.
  • Participate in Educational, Cultural and Health Efforts in Child Welfare Domain, by cooperating with National Commission for Childhood, and Arab and International regional organizations.
  • Participate in Developing Programs for Discovery and Early Intervention for children with Special Educational Needs and Gifted Children. Moreover, participate in necessary training to activate these Programs, and co-ordinate with related authorities.
  • Participate in preparing Terms and Standards related to buildings, and necessary facilities of Nursery Schools, with related departments. 
  • Give suggestions in opening new Nurseries and Classes as per approved requirements, and its availability in light of recommendations of Education Departments. 
  • Work on attracting Private and National Investments and motivate their participation in growing of Nursery Schools and minimizing Government Intervention at this level with coordination of General Department of Investment and Education Economics.
  • Prepare and develop Family and Community Programs to raise Awareness with the role of Nursery School Education in child growth and future child Educational, and Academic development.
  • Cooperate and Coordinate with Universities and Colleges and other related organizations in Nursery Schools level towards achieving integration of efforts needed for the execution of plans in Nursery School Domain.
  • Prepare Annual Budget Project for Nursery Schools by coordination with related departments.
  • Identify and Follow-up with management for providing the department their Training Needs, and Administrative and Technical necessities.
  • Prepare Periodical Reports about department Achievements, Activities, Work Obstacles and ways to overcome such Obstacles and submit aforementioned to Deputy Minister for Education.


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