Nursery Education

Vision and Objectives:


  • Global leadership of an educational system whose end objectives are derived from Islamic values.
  • Strategic objectives (nursery schools level in general).
  • General objectives and policies of Ministry of Education.
  • Ninth development plan: Related to nursery schools.

Main Objective:

Prepare children of four to six years of age for entry in general education.

Detailed Objectives:

  • Accommodate children from four to six years of age (nursery school level 20%) by the end of ninth development plan. 
  • Update specialized programs and activities related to early childhood.
  • Provide special items @20 % per annum in nursery schools to meet the needs of admission requirements.
  • Develop programs and tools to evaluate potential of children before one year prior to entry in school.
  • Provide separate, equipped, readymade school buildings for nursery schools to accommodate 20% children yearly from the target population.
  • Develop programs for preparation, and development of nursery school workers.

After approval of competent authority, there is an addition in general objectives and policies of the Ministry for tenth development Plan.

Sub-Departments of General Department of Nursery Schools:

Decision No. 360/7/1 of 04-03-2004 (G), HE the Minister of Education has approved following organizational structure of general department of nursery schools:

  • Department of Educational Supervision
  • Department of Programs and Activities
  • Department of Social Participation and Cooperation
  • Department of Development and Training – Nursery Schools
  • Department of Nursery Schools Procedures

Office of the General Manager:

HE the deputy Minister of Education has decided to appoint deputy of general manager by decision no. 34584969 dated 12-05-2013 (G).

Deputy of General Manager:

Deputy of general manager is linked to general directorate of nursery schools.

Deputy General Manager:

To support general manager of nursery schools in supervising execution of his tasks and duties of general department.

Contact e-Mail:

For more information please visit:  General Dept. of Early Childhood  (Arabic Content)

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