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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is distinguished by the existence of different Touristic Destinations. Places of Heritage, Historical Sites, Sites of Religious Significance and Marvelous Sceneries, Landscapes and Views 'Flavors' the several regions of the Country.

Whoever visits the Kingdom enjoys lot of varying activities that is inclusive of different groups of the Society, including those seeking Religious Tourism, Sports Enthusiasts, Nature Lovers and the Shopping Folks.

Religious Tourism:

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the cradle of Islam and thus it embodies a distinctive stature in the Islamic world. As home of The Two Holy Mosques, it Attracts and is Attracting Millions of Pilgrims and Umrah performers Annually from all over the world.

Sports Enthusiasts:

Saudi Arabia has an area that is Spacious and Huge featuring diverse Natural Terrain from Sea Lands and spectacular Sand Shores to mountainous heights and more. Kingdom is an attractive destination for various Sports and Athletes. Those can have enjoyable times while they dive deep in the Seas, go Gliding and Parachute flying from various height levels or just relish Coasts and Shores. Saudi Arabia also makes available to its visitors several pleasing and recreational places including Gardens, Resorts, Parks and Amusement Parks and more.


The Country has Modern Markets and Shopping Malls of peculiar architecture that present several international brands in addition to the various Local Markets and Bazars that feature Traditional Goods and give shopping an Exquisite Flair. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia organize a number of Shopping Festivals that features Recreational side programs that are considerate of the Society Norms and yet host various Activities and Affordable goods.

Due to the importance of Tourism to the Kingdom and its Impact on the Saudi Economy, a Decision of Council of Ministers' was issued on 26th of April 2000 (G) to establish the Supreme Commission for Tourism to assume the Regulatory and Development role of the Tourism Sector. Website of the Supreme Commission for Tourism is a great interactive resource that helps Tourists find Destinations and plan their Trips and Itineraries.

Sea Shores:

Jeddah Corniche:
Provides a beautiful experience where children ride Camels and Little ponies and whoever want can enjoy moving fast by the Quad Bikes. There is a lot of Art Events and Activities suitable for all.

Khobar Corniche:
Dammam-Khobar Corniche is a famous attraction among the Locals and Visitors of the Region for its Recreational Facilities with pleasing Views, Sporting Activities, Amenities and Lodging for Families.

For more Information, please visit Website of the Saudi Commission for Tourism & National Heritage .
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