Roads and Transportation


Roads and means of transportation, are vital veins for creating attractive investment environment in every field, they facilitate the progress of national economy through transport of passengers and goods and attract private investments in transportation projects, which aids in creating more jobs.

While guaranteeing the state's right of project recovery by end of contract duration, national roads and transport policy encourages private sector's capital investment by allowing investors to execute construction, operation, maintenance and management of high roads, railway and passengers transit hubs, and other various transport projects. 

Kingdom has a modern and developed country-wide road network where the total roads length is about 160,000 kilometers, with 47,000 kilometers of these paved with asphalt and connects the major centers.

Road building and development especially in remote areas is still continues. Most of the commodities and goods are transported via the road network. Private sector partnerships to own, maintain and operate major roads is poised to take place.

Railway Lines:

Saudi Railways Organization operates 59 locomotives and nearly 2300 cargo and passenger cars. SRO serves a network spanning more than 1391 kilometers of rail tracks, including a direct line from Riyadh to Dammam passing by Al Hafouf and Abqaiq with branch lines to Dammam port, Dhahran, Jadidah, Haradh and Al Kharj.

Detailed plans are ready for extending the railway network from Riyadh to Jeddah and from the Phosphate production complexes in the distant North to Riyadh through Hail and Buraidah, between Dammam and Jubail, and from Bauxite production complexes to Jubail. Private sector is anticipated to partner in financing the extension and expansion programs through build, operate and transfer (BOT) schemes.

Air Transport:

KSA has 35 modern airports, three of those are international hubs that receives the latest generation of airplanes and link all major cities of the kingdom to cities outside. Total number of incoming and departing passengers through kingdom’s international airports is about 28.7 million. Imported freight size arriving at kingdom's airports have reached 289.6 thousand tons and exported freight shipments reached 179.6 thousand tons.

Saudi Arabia's national airline, Saudia, which is about to be fully privatized, has got a modern fleet of more than 130 airplanes, operating all local flights and connecting to more than 44 airports around the world. International airlines also have flights and operations at the three major international airports. 

Nowadays, private sector has become a competitor to Saudi Airlines after the approval of council of ministers' decision to establish domestic airlines companies. It is estimated that private companies will acquire a considerable share of the domestic passenger flights' market.

Land Transport:

Private companies transport most of the goods in the country. Saudi Public Transport Company (SAPTCO), a public joint stock company, provides regular passenger trips and services between 450 cities, villages and hijras (localities). Additionally there are other small-scale private bus transport companies who also provide transportation services.

SAPTCO services also include regional transport to neighboring countries and domestic transport of pilgrims. There are also taxi and cab services provide personal services on larger scale.

For more information on this topic, please visit Transport Ministry website.
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