1. Building students' Islamic, national and intellectual personality in terms of knowledge, skills and values. 
  2. Providing admiss​ion opportunities for the students so they can join (get) education. 
  3. Developing the criteria needed for the selection, and qualification of teachers as well as developing teachers' competencies​ and motivating them. 
  4. Promoting quality and upgrading the qualitative level of education. 
  5. Expanding the construction and maintenance of educational buildings and facilities. 
  6. Producing, disseminating and employing scientific research​ and knowledge, and expanding higher postgraduate programs. 
  7. Expanding private education, with a view to accomplish the developmental objectives. 
  8. Improving the level of education outputs, in compliance with the requirements of development and as per the needs of the society. 
  9. Developing the regulatory environment and activating governance. 
  10. Granting overseas scholarships to talented students with a view to cater the needs of development and transfer of knowledge. 
  11. Optimally employing information and telecommunication technologies. 
  12. Diversifying the educational funding resources and investing in education. 
  13. Improving local and international partnerships. 

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