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​​​​​Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, strives for moving up on the Scale of Economic Development, through the transition to a Knowledge Society, which is rapid paced and stable. Under the Leadership of Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques' King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz – May Allah Protect Him – KSA is taking great strides towards achieving the Vision of its Leadership with hope in Integrated Knowledge based Saudi Society, that depend on its Human Capital which is Capable, and Qualified Enough for bringing desired Change, and accomplishing the desired Development.

Moreover, KSA relies on Resolve of Allah the Almighty, and Kind and Continuous Guidance, and Efforts of the Rulers, and the Efforts of the Sons who are Capable, Innovative and Qualified, benefitting from Quality Education in an Engaging and Supportive education environment that leads Learners to Provision and Excellence. 

Generally the Education, and particularly the General Education is the Cornerstone of Nation’s Development and Progress, and KSA is striving for transition to Knowledge Economy, this move is one of the Pillars of National Development Strategy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

KSA always strives for completing its path towards Knowledge Economy, with privileged Quality Education exemplified in important transitions in the past years on various levels in Infrastructure, Courses Development, Expansion of Training and Scholarships, and establishment of the Education Evaluation Commission.  All of these efforts targets activation of Saudi Human Capital investment.

One important process in improvement in Education is the Evaluation of General Education, considered as basis of Educational and Pedagogic Development, because Evaluation is major part of Government Institutional Work towards improvement of General Education in all of its Essentials. 

Evaluation is a Duty of EEC, a Duty carried on Science-proven and Systematic approaches according to World Best Practices in Education Evaluation and with adaptation to Local Environment, Certainty in an Executive framework that maintains Scalability and Gradual Development with Globally Competitive Levels.

Moreover, the Evaluation Process of the Commission is based on Organizational and Procedural Statute Mechanisms, that guarantees both the Commission and General Education organizations alike, a positive organizational interaction that will bring Qualitative progress in the field of Education, and it is in line with the Vision and General Policy of the State and also Supportive of continuous Development, and also promotes Intellectual Capital of the Nation.  


The Education Evaluation Commission Website.

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Last Modified 3 Dec 2018
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