HE The Minister

HE ​​​​The Minister of Education Dr. Hamad Bin Mohammed Al Shaikh:



  • Royal Court Advisor.
  • Administrative Council Head – General Commission, for the Guardianship of Trust Funds for Minors and their Counterparts. 
  • Department Head – Department of Economics, College of Administrative Sciences (2006 – 2007 G). 
  • Professor – Department of Economics, College of Administrative Sciences, King Saud University (2011 G).
  • Guest Researcher – Stanford University (1997 G). 
  • Lecturer – Department of Economics, San Francisco University (1983 – 1994 G). 
  • Deputy Minister of Education for Boys’ Affairs (2011 – 2015 G). 
  • Deputy Rector – Development and Quality, King Saud University (2009 – 2011 G). 
  • Dean - King Abdullah Institute for Research and Consultative Studies (2008 – 2009 G). 
  • Deputy Dean – College of Business Administration for Development and Academic Accreditation (2007 – 2008 G). 
  • Awarded the King AbdulAziz First Grade Medal (1999 G), Order of Battle and Kuwait Liberation Medal, from the Joint Forces Command (1991 G).

Academic Credentials:

  • Doctor of Philosophy – Economic Planning and Development, Economic Policies, and Natural Energy Resources Stanford University USA (1995 G). 
  • Master of Economics – Economics and Developmental Planning,  Stanford University, and San Francisco University USA (1985-1987 G). 
  • Bachelor of Economics – King Saud University KSA (1981 G).


  • Member - Council of Economics and Developmental Affairs. 
  • Member - Group of Ministry High Councils and Committees, and Confidential Working Teams in Royal Court, and Economic and Development Councils such as Financial and Strategic Committees. 
  • Member - Administrative Council, Al Ola Royal Commission. 
  • Member - Administrative Council, The National Center for Performance Measurement.
  • Member - Administrative Council, National Development Fund.
  • Member - Saudi Economic Society.
  • Member - American Economic Society.
  • Member - Economic and Environmental Resources Society.
  • Member - American Agricultural Economics Society.

​Research and Academic Contributions:

  • Analysis, Evaluation and Designing – General Policies and Economics. 
  • Building and Analysis of Economic Measurement and Quantifying Models. 
  • Economics of Energy and Natural Environmental Resources. 
  • International Economic Clusters. 
  • Phased and Strategic Planning and Analysis. 
  • Strategy and Plans Analysis. 
  • Input and Output Models and General Planning Equilibrium. 
  • Structural and Organizational Reform Policies and Economic Stability. 
  • Quantifiable Methods - Linear and Non-Linear Programing and Active and Inactive Optimization. 
  • Development and Application of Quality and Accreditation Systems and Analysis of Planning and Strategies. 
  • Development Plans, Programs and Strategies on National, Private Sectors, and National Companies.
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