Committee of Deans Faculty of Dentistry

​​​​A Council was formed for Deans of Dentistry Colleges after the recommendation of Deans in their Third Meeting at Kind Faisal University.  The Council will work on:
  1. Exchange of Expertiese, Experience and Nationwide Successful Practices in Medical Education.
  2. Unification of Efforts and Cooperation in common Academic and Administrative Affairs.
  3. Promotion and Support for joint Medical Research.
  4. Development of Courses and Curricula.

​Committee Members:

Prof. Khalid Al Wazzan, King Saud UniversityChairman
Dr. Abdulghani Mira, King Abdulaziz UniversityDeputy Chairman
Dr. Fahd Al Harbi, Al Imam Abdulrahman Al Faisal UniversityMember
​Dr. Mohammad Beyari, Umm Al Qura University​Member
​Dr. Abdullah Al Refaydi, King Khalid University​Member
​Dr. Mohammad Al Mohaimeed, Qassim University​Member
​Dr. Waleed Murshid, Taibah University​Member
​Dr. Faisal Tubaiqi, Jazan University​Member
​Dr. Jubran Al Qahtani, Najran University​Member
​Dr. Hisham Khalil, Prince Sattam ibn Abdulaziz University​Member
​Prof. Abdullah Al Shammari, Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy​Member
​Dr. Rashad Kashgari, Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies​​Member



The Deans Committee of Dentistry Colleges in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Bylaws governing the work of the Committee.


Secretary of the Deans Committee.

Committee Duties:

​​​1. Determine Dentistry Graduation Specifications, and improve the quality of Dentistry Education outcomes.
2. Approve Committee Bylaws.
3. Develop Support and Assistance Programs for the aid of Graduation Students.
4. Endorse and Support Development Programs and continuing Education Initiatives for Faculty and Staff.
5. Support emerging colleges to overcome obstacles they face.
6. Identify most challenging issues faced by Dentistry Education Programs.

Committee Membership:

​​Committee Membership is Given to :
  1. All Deans of Dentistry Colleges of Government Universities.
  2. Deans of private colleges of Dentistry in the Kingdom who were officially appointed by decisions of the Minister of Education or Competent Authority in accordance with Regulations approved by the Committee.
  3. Former Deans.

​Committee Chairman & Deputy Chairman Selection Process​:

Committee Chairman​:

  • The Committe Chairman is selected from Their Excellency Deans with majority votes.  Appointment term is Two years, renewable only for a Second term.
  • Chairman chairs Committee Meetings, communicate with related authorities and coordinate with secretary of organization and follow-up of execution of Decisions and Recommendations of the Committee.  If Dean's tenure has finished or Dean has relinquished deanship duty, then the Deputy Chairman will act as Chairman until the First Committee meeting is held and a New Chairman is selected.

Deputy Chairman​:

The Committe Deputy Chairman is selected from Their Excellency Deans of Dentistry Colleges of Saudi Arabia with majority votes. Appointment term is Two years, renewable only for a Second term.  Deputy Chairman will act as Chairman in his absence.

Committee Secretary General Selection:

Committee Secretary General:

Secretary General is selected by a Committee's majority decision.  Secretary term lasts for Three years and could be renewable.

Committee Secretary:

Secretary is selected ​by the committee secretary general to carry all secretary and member communication duties.

Committee Secretariat Tasks​:

  • Prepare agendas for all meetings of the Committee in coordination with the Chairman or Deputy Chairman, and members of the Committee. Agendas shall be handed over to all members at least two weeks before the Committee's meeting.
  • Prepare Minutes of the Meetings, and send them to members within one week from the Date of the Meeting.
  • Monitor the implementation of the Committee's Decisions, and Recommendations.
  • Maintain Records, and Documents of all the Committee's activities.
  • Manage the Website.

Committee's Decisions:

The Committee's Decisions shall be taken by majority vote. In the case of a tie vote, the Chairman cast a decisive vote.  Committee shall submit its recommendations, to His Excellency the Minister of Education within Three weeks of its Meeting.​

Member Universities:

1King Saud University College of Dentistry​​
​2​King Abdulaziz University ​Faculty of De​ntistry
​3Al Imam Abdulrahman Al Faisal University​ ​​College of Dentistry
​4​​Umm Al-Qura University ​College of Dental Medicine​
​5​King Khalid University ​College of Dentistry​
6​Qassim University​College of Dentistry
​7​Taibah University​College of Dentistry
​8​Jazan Uni​versity​ College of Dentistry​
​9​Najran UniversityCollege of Dentistry​
​10​Prince Sattam Bin AbdulAziz UniversityCollege of Dentistry​​
​11​Riyadh College of Dentistry ​College of Dentistry​​
​12​Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies​Dentistry

Committee Objectives:

  1. Exchange of Expertiese, Experience and Nationwide Successful Practices in Medical Education.
  2. Unification of Efforts and Cooperation in common Academic and Administrative Affairs.
  3. Promotion, and Support for joint Medical Research.
  4. Development of Courses, and Curricula.
  5. Conduct Studies and ​Consultations.

​​Latest News:

8 th Meeting:
The 8 th Meeting will be held , God willing, in College of Dentistry, King Saud University.​
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Last Modified 4 Apr 2018
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