Committee of Deans for Student Affairs

​​​​​Article 1- Definitions:

Committee of Saudi Universities' Deans of Student Affairs.
Bylaws governing the work of the Committee.
Committee's meeting that is scheduled in advance by Committee Secretariat.

Authority responsible for Organizing Meetings, Determining Meeting Agendas by coordination with members, and following-up execution of committee Decisions and Recommendations.
The Secretary of the Committee is the Dean of Student Affairs at the University, he is based in Committee Secretariat.​

Article 2 - Objectives:

  • A linkage between Deanships of Student Affairs of Saudi Universities.
  • Organization and Coordination of Nationwide Student joint activities.
  • Maximizing the benefits available to Students in Saudi Universities as per thier Capabilities and Potentials.
  • Benefiting, and Exchange of Experience, among Student Affairs Deans in the domains of Services, Care and Student Activities.
  • Development of the work processes of Student Funds, and initiation of their role in support of students and in investment.
  • Exchange of Experience and Insight with regard to Solving Issues and Obstacles Deanships face.
  • Coordination between Deanships in use of facilities.
  • Confirming work Quality Standards and Quality Assurance in all works of Student Affairs of Saudi Universities.

Article 3 – Committee Duties and Authority:

  • Proposing, and Discussing topics of common interest.
  • Taking initiative to propose Appropriate solutions to Prominent issues facing Deanships of Student Affairs.
  • Forming Subcommittees and Determining their Duties.
  • Approving Committee work plan and supervision of its implementation, and activation.
  • Coordinating with related Authorities for achieving Committee Objectives.
  • Electing Committee Chairman and Deputy Chairman and Secretary through the method mentioned in Articles 5,6 and 7.
  • Conveying Committee recommendations to the Minister of Education.

Article 4 – Committee Membership:

All Deans of Student Affairs in Saudi Government Universities are Members of the Committee. The Committee has the rights to add other Members for serving the Objectives and Interests of the Committee.

Article 5 – Committee Chairman Selection and Duties:

The Committee elects Committee Chairman for a Two years term, renewable only once. Chairman has the following Duties:
  • Managing Committee Meetings and communicating with related Authorities.
  • Sending Meetings Minutes, Supervision of Organization and Follow-up of Meetings, and executing recommendations in coordination with Committee Secretariat.
*When Chairman term finishes, Deputy Chairman assumes Duties until the First Meeting that selects a New Chairman.

Article 6 – Committee Deputy Chairman Selection and Duties:

The Committee elects Deputy Chairman for a Two years term renewable only once. Deputy assumes duties in Chairman's absennce and do the following:
  • Chairing Meetings and communicatiing with related Authorities.
  • Sending Meetings Minutes, Supervision of Organization and Follow-up of Meetings and executing recommendations with coordination of Committee Secretariat.
*When Deputy Chairman term finishes, a Deputy Chairman is elected in the First Meeting and works as Committee C​hairman.

Article 7 – Committee Secretariat:

A Secretary of the Committee is selected and the Secretariat is based at a Student Affairs Deanship of a Saudi University. Committee Headquarters should always be in Government University, and the Dean of Student Affairs of such University is the Committee Secretary in accordance with the following Regulations:
  1. Committee Secretariat in the first round should be at King Abdulaziz University for four years term subject to renewal.
Duties of the Committee Secretary General:
  1. ​Prepare Agendas for all Committee Meetings and coordination with Chairman in this regard.
  2. All Members should receive the agenda at least Two weeks earlier than any Meeting.
  3. Prepare Meeting Minutes and send them to Members in a week from commencing of the Meeting.
  4. Follow-up execution of Decisions and Recommendations of the Committee.
  5. Record and Document all Committee A​ctivities.
Committee Secretary: 
  • Secretary is appointed by Committee Secretary General to carry Duties of Secretary and communicate with Members.
  • Committee Chairman and Secretary are separate posts not to be appointed to one person.

Article 8 – Committee Meeting Frequency:

Committee should meet periodically at least Two times per year. Chairman has the rights to call for an Extraordinary Meeting when more than two thirds of the members demand such. A meeting is deemed valid if attended by two thirds of the members at least.

Article 9 – Committee Recommendations:

The Committee's decisions shall be taken by majority vote (50% +1). In the case of a tie vote, the Chairman have a casting vote unless where meeting attendees are less than two thirds of the members. The Committee, shall submit its recommendations, to His Excellency the Minister of Education within three weeks of its meeting.

Article 10 – Meeting Agenda:

  1. Committee Secretariat shall announce Meeting time and Date one month earlier than the Meeting.
  2. Members shall send proposed topics for agenda to the secretariat.
  3. Secretariat shall receive Topic Titles and a summary of the topic three weeks earlier than the Meeting.
  4. Secretariat shall coordinate preparing meeting agendas with the Chairman.
  5. Secretariat shall send Agendas at least two weeks earlier than the Meeting time.

Article 11:

The Agenda shall consist of the following:
  • Follow-up on the Decisions of the previous Meeting.
  • Review and Discuss Agenda Topics.
  • New Developments.
  • Deciding on the Date, and Venue of the next Meeting.

Article 12:

Committee is authorized to interpret the provisions of these Regulations given that Members have considerable Experience in dealing with Student Affairs.
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