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​​​​​​​​​​​​Ministry of Education, is proud to be th​e first government institution in Saudi Arabia who launch a website in 1996. Since then, the e-Portal of the Ministry of Education is endeavoring to fulfill the ministry's vision about information and e-Services.

Here we outline the vision, mission and strategy of the e-Portal of the Ministry of Education and its agreement, which forms the basis of the nature of its relationship with its clients.


Presenting the Ministry of Education on the internet with its real image and ensuring its due standing among the modern e-Services websites and facilitating access to its information and services to all by using the latest tools and technologies. ​


Developing several excellent, user-friendly and swift e-Portals to guarantee successful delivery of services and information to the website visitors.


Using modern technology and tools to manage e-Portals and following related quality standards. The content of the portal was categorized in following three main segments:

  • About the Ministry
  • Education in the Kingdom
  • Education Abroad

Sub-categories were added to each category for quick access to information. The homepage was designed in an outstanding way by using latest design technologies available worldwide. Drop-down menus were added to the homepage for easy and swift navigation in all portal categories.

In a bid to promote e-Governance initiatives Ministry of ​Education highlighted a section on its portal for quick links to its e-Services. These links were categorized in following different sections:

  • Student Services
  • University Services
  • Cultural Missions Services
  • General Services
Upmost priority is given to maintaining safety and confidentiality of e-services. Improving the interactive services with the website visitors and users through questions and answers, technical support and user's guide on how to use the e-services, surveys and questionnaires, and e-Interaction following the best standards in providing services, and dealing with complaints and suggestions.


e-Portal of the Ministry of Education provides its services to the citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, visitors from all over the world. It provides special e-Services for Saudi students abroad, government and private universities, Saudi Arabian cultural missions, researchers and to the private sector.

​​​Our Standards and Commitments:

Based on our aforementioned vision, mission and strategy we at the e-Portal declare that:

  • Our commitment to confidentiality in all our e-Services according to our privacy and safety policy.
  • Our commitment to provide accurate information to the core through the e-Portal and the e-Systems of the Ministry of Education.
  • Our commitment to provide our clients best possible technical support, which guarantees a better use of the services on the e- Portal.
  • Our commitment to keep our services up and running 24 × 7’​ on the e-Portal and deal with technical issues as quickly as possible.
  • Our commitment to answer all complaints, and suggestions of the users of the portal, and to communicate with the concerned parties and explain them about process of dealing with their complaints and suggestions through the portal or other ways of communication, such as text messages.
  • Our commitment to communicate, and interact with our clients through the e-Means such as social networking, blogs and forums.

Obligations and Responsibilities of the Clients:

To help the Ministry of Education fulfil its commitments stated in the client agreement, clients are kindly requested:

  • Not to misuse the e-Portal of Ministry of Education or its e-Systems in a way, that may lead to the stoppage, or failure of the service with other users, or that may compromise the security of the e-Portal and the e-Systems of Ministry of Education.
  • Not to use the e-Portal of Ministry of Education to spam the staff with too many, fake, or unrelated service requests and submissions.
  • Not to use the e-Portal of Ministry of Education for submitting false or inaccurate information or documents.
  • Provide all the required information and documents to avoid any delay in requested service completion.
  • Provide clear and accurate personal and contact information when submitting a complaint or suggestion, with accurate information and details about the complaint or suggestion and also attach the supporting documents if available.
  • When using the services of sharing, interaction and social networking of the e-Portal of Ministry of Education, kindly follow terms and conditions of each service.

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