Environment Friendliness

​​​​​Ministry of Education is committed to implement environmentally-friendly systems within its premises, starting with the use of the smart buildings that save el​ectricity, and replacing its archive with a digital one and the communication system with an electronic one using the e-Mails and mobile text messages that save paper and other natural resources. 

Ministry's transformation into green was rewarded by a silver certification from smart buildings institute (a non-profit corporation) as the first government smart building in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Green Systems concept includes several practices and technologies that form the individual's perception regarding saving the environment. 

These practices include using renewable and alternative energy sources, avoiding the use of vital and unrenewable natural resources, and reducing gases emissions and greenhouse effect. Ministry of Education implemented new regulations and procedures, and took initiatives for the purpose of achieving environmentally-friendly perception, such as:

Smart Building of the Ministry​:

The smart building of the Ministry of Education uses several technologies that help preserve natural resources, such as using alternative natural resources, and using central electronic control over energy usage. Lights and air-conditioning are completely switched off after the working hours. This building has been certified by the smart buildings institute as the first government smart building in Saudi Arabia, and was rewarded the silver certification by the smart buildings institute.

Promoting the Concept of Smart Buildings:

After the success of its smart building project, Ministry of Educatiois promoting the idea of environmentally-friendly smart buildings by organizing several workshops about smart buildings and their benefits, and encouraging higher education institutions to shift their campuses to green.

Stopping Paper Transactions:

In a bid to save paper and preserve natural resources, Ministry of Education shifted to the use of e-Communication systems. All transactions now at the ministry avoid use of paper. Ministry is anticipating the implementation of the country-wide e-Governance initiative which will use the e-Communication between all the government institutions in Saudi Arabia.

Documents Management System:

Ministry of Education started its e-Archiving system to digitize all its archived documents and support the transformation to the use of e-Communication. The system has archived 30,000,000 documents so far, each document represents a single transaction.

Shifting to e-Services:

One of the main green initiatives, and e-Governance initiatives, adopted by the Ministry of Education is to shift to e-Services. The complete transformation to e-Transactions achieves several green goals, such as:

  • Travelling to the premises of the Ministry of Education​ is no longer required to request a service, which helps decrease fuel consumption and transportation infrastructure consumption.
  • There is no need to build client's Reception facilities, which saves other natural resources.
  • There is no need of papers in processing transactions.
  • The need of follow-up visits or follow-up enquiries with the departments of the ministry has been eradicated, since it was replaced with e-Mails and mobile text ​messages.


Ministry of Education uses modern and energy-saving electronic office tools and equipment in all its projects, its computers and electronic devices are put on a hibernation mode that saves energy if not used for 20 minutes.
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