Distinguished, high-quality education with qualified educational cadres to build proud citizens and global competitors.


Making education accessible to all and raising the quality of its processes and outputs. Developing an educational environment that stimulates creativity and innovation to meet the requirements of development, improving the education system governance, developing the skills and capabilities of its employees, and providing learners with the necessary values and skills to become good citizens, and aware of their responsibilities towards the family, society, and homeland.

​Strategic Goals​

1.  Promoting values and National belonging.
2.  Improving learning outcomes and the educational  
     system's position globally.
3.  Developing the education system to meet the 
      requirements of development and the needs of the    
      labor market.
4.  Developing the capabilities of the education cadres.
5.  Enhancing community participation in teaching and 
6.   Ensuring education for all and promoting lifelong 
       learning opportunities.
7.   Empowering the private and non-profit sectors and 
       raising their participation to improve the financial 
       efficiency of the education sector.
8.    Raising the quality and effectiveness of scientific 
       research and innovation.
9.    Developing the university system and educational 
        and training institutions.​

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