​​The Ministry of Education, represented by the Ministry of Human Resources Vice-rectorate, through the recruitment strategy, seeks to enable it to gain competitive value with the quality and efficiency of its human resources to achieve efficient spending by providing jobs in quantity and quality within a specific timeframe to​ employ human resources in the Ministry of Education according to an integrated methodological basis commensurate with the ministry’s strategy and its internal and external variables. To work to implement its vision and goals.​


​Fields of work in the education sector:​

  1. Educational jobs.
  2. Official posts.
  3. Support services jobs​

The Ministry benefits from the appropriate government channels to provide qualified human cadres, including:​

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Saudi citizens seeking work can register their personal data, qualifications, and work experience, while attaching the necessary documents, electronically, through the government employment system​ JADARAH

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Taqat provides a virtual platform for the labor market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and extends to cover the public and private sectors, and provides employment and training services and exchanges them with the relevant authorities efficiently and effectively to increase the stability and development of the workforce.​