Reporting corruption via (NAZAHA)

Reporting of corruption is an electronic service that allows a beneficiary to report any case of administrative or financial corruption detected in any organization falling within the jurisdiction of the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority NAZAHA. The commission will attempt to ascertain the verity or lack thereof of any allegation of corruption connected to entities within its jurisdiction, or will otherwise refer the case to another competent oversight authority (Administrative Investigations, or Control and Investigations Board or others).

Reporting of Corruption

This service could be availed of by following the steps hereunder:

  • ​Register on the "Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority" website, Activate the registration with the verification message that you will receive on your mobile phone.
  • Log in to the site by the user name and the pass word to access al available services including the service 'Filing reports'.
  • When you select 'Filing reports', there will pop up a page containing your personal information, as well as questions about the confidentiality of your information and whether you have ever filed reports with other authorities.
  • Enter the specific information about the entity you want to report a case of corruption in connection thereof, giving a summary of the relevant facts, and then move to the next page to upload any attachments you wish to add to the report.
  • Finalize the report filing action.
  • You will receive a mobile message confirming the delivery of your report to the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority and containing the report number which allows you to stay in touch with the Authority and ask for clarifications any time you wish.
  • You can gain access to your own report by logging in to the Authority's website or to the mobile phone application, whereupon a list of your own reports and the statuses thereof will appear.​​​

Communication Methods

  • 980
  • 00966539980980
  • 00966114420057​
  • Personal Attendance
  • Authority Website