About Tawasul

TAWASUL Yesser is an e-service launched by the Ministry of Education. It is designed to build communication channels with citizens on all issues relating to the education process, including proposals, inquiries, and beneficiaries' complaints.

These issues are followed-up through an e-system either by the Minister or the relevant authorities. If the issue is not within the competence of the administration, the Ministry is obligated to refer it to the relevant authority and inform them of the appropriate response.

Access to TAWASUL service

Mode of Action

The service is linked to an e-system where the ticket is electronically submitted from the beneficiary to the Minister's office to be reviewed by specialists in the office. It is electronically referred to the competent authorities within the Ministry or education departments and copied to the Minister.

The relevant authority receives the ticket, and appropriate action is taken. Then, the beneficiary is notified of the ticket number via a text message and e-mail. The beneficiary can inquire about the ticket using its number, the identity number, or the beneficiary's cell phone number.


Overall Objective

The service is geared to achieve the most efficient communication between the beneficiary and the in-charge staff member to serve the beneficiaries best.

Special Objectives

  1. Saving the citizens and residents the physical trouble of visiting the Ministry's headquarter.
  2. Strengthening the relationship between the Ministry, its various sectors, and all segments of society.
  3. Receiving complaints, notes, and proposals and referring them to the relevant authorities, following up their implementation and providing them feedback.
  4. Providing the Ministry's leaders with accurate statistical information and indicators to be used in processing, accounting,and development plans.
  5. Raising the level of performance and speed of achievement.