Government and Private Sector Participation

Partnership / Cooperation between Government and Private Sector :

Government and private sector partnership has gained significant attention of many governments, societies and research centers in various parts of the world. Given that, economic and social development processes depend on recruitment and mobilization of society capacities such as energies, resources and calibers from both government and private sectors to work hand in hand in institutional frameworks to carry out building and operation activities of projects of all sorts and types.

This partnership and collaboration became priority after separate and sectoral-independent frameworks faced lot of challenges and difficulties and being inefficient in achieving targeted levels of performance towards development goals.  For this reason, several advanced countries are seeking to create institutional frameworks and regulations to build tenets for society wide all-inclusive collaboration, in direction, management and operation of projects, works and services and their enhancement and development towards achieving their goals and purposes on the basis of shared collaboration, solid governance and a high level of transparency and mutual benefit.

e-Services Built based on Partnership / Cooperation with Private Sector :

Investor e-Portal :

Investor e-Portal enables private investors in education field through several services related to private education.  It automates and simplifies education investment procedures and helps in decreasing service level variation amongst prospective investors in the education departments in all the regions of the kingdom.  Portal utilizes data by linking all related administrative organizations such as:

  • Ministry of Interior
  • Ministry of Commerce
  • Ministry of Civil Service
  • General Organization for Social Insurance

Currently work is in progress to add other organizations and government departments.

Safeer Graduates :

Ministry of Education is seeking to consolidate relations between educational sectors, students and graduates and the various social organizations in government and private sectors.  In Safeer platform, ministry has developed Safeer graduates system to strengthen these relations and to build communication channels between Saudi graduates of institutions abroad and several social organizations in both government and private sectors. 

Safeer graduates system aims at enabling graduates to benefit from their abilities and utilizing such talents in all possible work specializations and fields in building this homeland and exploitation of all its resources, specially the human resources.  This system provides information to employers and statistics organizations on foreign scholarship program graduates to give job opportunities to graduates who submitted their resumes (CVs) to Safeer graduates system.

It is worthy to know that Ministry of Education is committed to make such communication channel available to graduates and the various organizations without any involvement in the recruitment process.

There are two user categories, graduates and organizations.  This system provides resumes (CVs) search function to organizations in a highly secure environment where privacy of user information is a top priority.

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