Service Agreements and Levels

​The Ministry of Education affirms its commitments related to client satisfaction. Each service is set to be delivered within a particular timeframe. Below is a list of the Electronic Services provided through the Portal, which are bound by the service delivery standards, and their estimated timeframe. 

The timeframe does not include additional procedures required from the service user in case of the submission of incomplete information. The timeframe is not applicable to procedures completed by a third party, such as a University or a State Institution. 

In case the service delivery requires involvement of a third party, clients must follow the regulations of each service provided by the Electronic Portal as explained in the Electronic Services Guide of the Ministry of Education. All Electronic Services are continuously added to this list. 

For more information about all the available Electronic Services, please visit the Electronic Services Catalogue​​ of the Ministry of Education.​

Procedural Services for Scholarship Students:

Personal ServicesCompletion Timeframe (Working Days)
Vacation Request7
Visa Renewal Request7
Letter of Identification Request7
Financial Guarantee Request7
Financial ServicesCompletion Timeframe (Working Days)
Resumption of Funding10
Stopping of Funding10
Fees Payment Request10
Compensation Request10
Reimbursement of Differences Request10
Excellence Reward Request10
Follow-up ServicesCompletion Timeframe (Working Days)
Extending Language Learning15
Extending Dependent's Scholarship15
Repeating of Study Year15
Returning to Scholarship15
Transferring from Country15
Termination of Scholarship15
Postponing Scholarship15
Changing Scholarship Start Date15
Changing Scholarship End Date15
Changing Study Major15
Changing University15
Changing Study Major and University15
Changing Male Guardian15
Changing Language Institute10
Extending Scholarship15
Travel for Educational Purpose15
Attending Symposium or Conference15
Attending Training Courses15
Educational Trip15
General Request15
Separation of Dependent's Scholarship15
Data Update ServicesCompletion Timeframe (Working Days)
Adding Academic Report7
Adding New Dependent7
Adding New Academic Qualifications7
Updating Bank Account Information7
Updating Educational Information7
Updating Passport Information7
Updating Personal Information7
Updating Dependent's Information7
Updating Academic Report7
Updating Academic Qualifications7
New File ServicesCompletion Timeframe (Working Days)
Studying on Student's Self Expenses7
Opening Student File7
Opening File for Studying Dependent7
Sponsored Student's Study Start7
Requesting and Upgrading ScholarshipC​ompletion Timeframe (Working Days)
Requesting Scholarship for Student Relative20
Requesting Scholarship for Student20
Requesting Scholarship for Dependent20
Requesting Scholarship for Studying Dependent20
Upgrading Scholarship20

Receiving and Processing Complaints, and Suggestions:

In accordance with Saudi Arabia's Regulations of Justice and Transparency, the Ministry of Education welcomes Clients' Complaints, and Suggestions, and Advices for the purpose of improving its services. In order to improve its services, the Ministry of Education has alrea​dy done the following:

  • Provided electronic means of communication to the clients for submission of Complaints, and Suggestions.
  • Connected the system of submitting Complaints, and Suggestions with the system of electronic communication, of the Ministry of Education.
  • Assigned ticket numbers to each submission of a Complaint or Suggestion, using it a client can follow-up using the Electronic Portal of the Ministry of Education.
  • Used electronic ways of communication such as e-Mails, and Mobile text messages to update clients with the information related to their Submissions, and Services on the Portal.
  • Guaranteed forwarding of each submission to its concerned department, within two working days, and classifying it as DELAYED if not completed in given timeframe, and subsequently its proper investigation by the management.

Obligations, and Responsibilities of the Clients:

To help the Ministry of Education fulfil its commitments stated in the Client Agreement, clients are kindly requested to:

  • Not to misuse the Electronic Portal of the Ministry of Education or its Electronic Systems in a way, that may lead to the Stoppage, or Failure of the service with other users, or that may compromise the Security of the Electronic Portal, and the Electronic Systems of the Ministry of Education.
  • Not to use the Electronic Portal of the Ministry of Education to spam the staff with too many, Fake, or Unrelated service requests, and Submissions.
  • Not to use the Electronic Portal of the Ministry of Education for submitting False, or Inaccurate information or documents.
  • Provide all the required Information, and Documents to avoid any Delay, in requested service completion.
  • Provide Clear, and accurate Personal, and Contact information when submitting a Complaint or Suggestion, with accurate information and details about the Complaint or Suggestion, and also attach the supporting documents if available.
  • When using the services of Sharing, Interaction, and Social networking of the Electronic Portal of the Ministry of Education, kindly follow Terms, and Conditions of each service.

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Last Modified 4 Oct 2018
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