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Since the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the late King AbdulAziz Al Saud - may Allah rest his soul in peace - and through the History of Country, its Leadership is maintaining an Open Door Policy, which is enabling the citizens to express their opinions, and the leadership to look at his or her issue.  All the officials are following the same policy, so that a citizen is able to visit a government official, or the Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques the King - may Allah save him - to tell his or her grievance, and to have his say.

Considering, the enormous development, and growth in the numbers of citizens, and the complex nature of their civil lives, and their necessities; and in spite of massive development, and transformation of Peoples' means of communication, Ministry deemed it necessary to cope with such transformation, and to utilize such development in communication to ensure continuity of the Citizens' Tradition to express their issues, and opinions to the leadership; and to those entrusted with Citizen’s Services at all Government Agencies.

For the sake of this , Ministry of Education has made available several means of communication, and dialogue to hear citizens voice, and to benefit from their views, and recommendations, and also to take these into consideration; when developing policies, and strategies which ultimately serve the public interest.  The Ministry has also formed the policy of Electronic Participation in decision-making, and in preparation for receiving the Citizens, and Stakeholders participation in shaping Ministry’s St​rategies and Future Systems.

E-Participation in Decision-Making:

​Time and again, Ministry of Education conduct Electronic Participation in decision-making, a method that enables the public in general (including Citizens, Experts , Stakeholders and Legal Entities) to participate in Decision Making, and shaping the Education Policies of the Kingdom. Consequently, this method enables The Ministry of Education to benefit from Open, and Diverse Participations, whereas it is impossible to gain such benefits through Traditional Consultation Methods.

The notion of Electronic Participation in Decision-making is a special case of Electronic Participation.  Electronic Participation is more Organized and Clear in nature due to availability of a Specific and Open topic for discussion; and of an Official Ministry body overseeing the Commencement, and Managing of topic discussion, and analysis of participants to conclude the decision making process.

For more information on the Ministry's Policy on Electronic Participation in Decision-making, kindly visit : 

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Last Modified 2 Aug 2017
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