Development and Early Child Welfare

The Ministry of Education has defined the principles of physical, social, emotional, and mental growth for the early childhood stage that includes children aged three years old to 8 years old. Growth skills are intended to develop simultaneously. The acquisition level depends on the student's achievement in the previous stage. The principles will identify young learners' special needs to develop relevant plans, improve performance, and constitute student advancement to the preliminary and subsequent stages.

The Ministry's organizational guide identifies the General Directorate for Early Childhood's responsibilities, including providing quality educational services to children aged three years old and up to third-grade children.


  • The Kindergarten Overall Enrollment Indicator will develop kindergartens and expand them countrywide to ensure an equitable, inclusive, and quality education, which will increase a lifetime of learning opportunities for all.
  • The Early Childhood Quick Gain Initiative provides material, human, and financial resources to increase enrollment in Key Stage 1 by placing all students under female teachers' responsibility by 2019.

The Projects

  • Creating a child-oriented TV channel to support the Ministry of Education policies.
  • Revising and developing early childhood rules and regulations.
  • Reinforcing and developing the skills of female educators.
  • Opening several schools (Kindergartens – early childhood centers).
  • Conducting studies that support the initiatives and projects of the General Directorate for Early Childhood.
  • Enhancing educational environments in kindergartens by measuring attitudes towards the quality of the learning environments in government and private kindergartens through the systematic and scientific use of ECERS (Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale) in association with King Abdulaziz University.
  • Collaborating with AGFUND and UNICEF to underscore the importance of children's safety as perceived by the children, their parents, and teachers through the environment safe from harm and negligence.
  • Promoting the Mother and Child Education Program to help mothers teach their children the necessary mental, physical, emotional, and social skills that suit their growth characteristics after the age of 5 years old.
  • The program has two components:  
  • An educational component to lend support to mothers in rearing their children.
  • ​A compensational component for the children who have not joined kindergarten.
  • Early education growth criteria are for kindergarten children aged three years old to six years old. The criteria stands to help education-related institutions to set expectations of a child's extent of knowledge. This document qualitatively describes a host of expectations of a child's knowledge, behaviors, and skills that would shape the child's character in the subsequent education stages and render them a good citizen.​
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