Continuing education and literacy..​

Continuing education is to provide formal and non-formal education opportunities for adult learners with the aim of developing their reading, digital, professional, and other skills. The Ministry of Education worked early on a clear roadmap to combat orthographic illiteracy in the various regions and governorates of the Kingdom. These plans contributed to reducing illiteracy and reducing its rate to 3.7%.

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​​​​Adult Education Schools:

The General Department of Continuing Education works to provide free formal education services to the elderly who have not had the opportunity to continue their education at all levels (elementary, intermediate, and secondary).

​Learned Neighborhood Program Service:

It is an educational and training program concerned with the development of individuals by educating and training them in professional, life, and awareness skills that raise their cultural, economic, and social level to be active members and participants in development. The program is a model for sustainable development and the path to lifelong learning.

IEN channel service for adult education and educational enrichment materials for adults: 

It is a service that broadcasts educational programs and lessons for students through an educational channel for students of adult education.

Registration service in a society without illiteracy: 

An alphabetical literacy educational program that reaches illiterates wherever they are in the Kingdom's regions, cities, and governorates. The service is flexible and attractive, with the pr​ovision of material incentives to increase the motivation towards joining the program. Illiterate applicants benefit from this service at their places of residence in all regions, cities, and governorates of the Kingdom. The General Department of Continuing Education will publish the service link at the beginning of each new academic year.

The comprehensive electronic system service for adult education: 

A system that links education departments in regions and governorates with the General Department of Continuing Education in order to facilitate the usual administrative processes such as raising their needs and various nominations. The service targets adult education departments and sections in education departments in all regions and governorates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.​

 Summer Campaigns and Literacy:0008.jpeg
Selectively focused campaigns for a period of two months are held in places where it is difficult to prepare for regular classes. These campaigns are one of the educational programs that target a group of citizens in their places of residence in cities and villages to eradicate their illiteracy with the participation of bodies and entities from the government sector, the private sector, and the third sector under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. This is done with the goal of eradicating illiteracy and teaching the target audience the fundamentals of literacy, as well as raising religious, cultural, social, and health awareness among the target audience and strengthening their sense of national belonging.

Learners are taught by a group of male and female teachers from a number of regions of the Kingdom, and the learning program includes a number of study subjects, including the Arabic language, religion, and mathematics.

The summer awareness and literacy campaigns also offer enrichment programs and activities as well as family, social, and cultural services that serve male and female students in their lives, in addition to supporting their reading and writing skills.

 Continuing Education Forum:
An annual forum held by the General Department of Continuing Education with the participation of education departments in which experiences are presented and exchanged through the forum activities, working papers, and accompanying workshops. The forum targets all teachers and leaders of continuing education schools, directors and heads of adult education departments, supervisors and interested academics, as well as those interested from inside and outside the ministry. The Department of Continuing Education works to update the service link on a regular basis, according to the department hosting the forum.
Continuous education:
Attention has shifted to a broader concept represented by continuing education and lifelong learning to help all target groups eradicate illiteracy in the twenty-first century and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in line with the Saudi Vision 2030​.
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