Unless the context otherwise requires, anytime the following terms appear in these regulations, they shall bear the meanings indicated opposite them:

Rules:The rules on tuitions of non-governmental schools
The Ministry:The Ministry of Education
The Minister: The Minister of Education
School: Any non-governmental educational institution licensed by the Ministry of Education and teaches Saudi or international curriculum in the stages of public education
Tuitions Fees:Money paid by the parents and guardians in exchange for the education offered by private and international schools and does not include school uniform and transportation
Student:Anyone, whether male or female, who receives education in a private or international school at a public-education stage or kindergarten
Annual Assessment:This word refers to the annual administrative and technical assessment conducted by the Ministry to rank schools
The Main Committee: The Tuition Fees Committee

  • A committee shall be created by a ministerial decree as part of the Ministry's structure, whose mandate shall be the review and study of private and international schools tuition applications.
  • The functions of the committee are as follows:
    1. Reviewing, deciding on the increase of and monitoring the indexes of the tuitions charged by private and international schools as per the precepts and criteria mentioned in article five of these regulatory rules.
    2. Issuing guide booklets and the modes of implementing these regulatory rules upon receiving applications for increasing tuitions for private and international schools.
    3. Writing and adopting a plan for training specialized personnel in the educational administrations on the implementation of tuition regulatory rules.
  • Following the approval of the Minister or such a person as he may appoint to act on his behalf, the committee shall, if the need arises, choose a private sector entity which is specialized in financial or technical matters to study and express opinion on the specialized documents.
  • The Main Committee may form subordinate sub committees in the educational administrations and may at discretion authorize such committees to perform whatever functions and procedures that may be necessitated by what is most advantageous for the progress of work.
The Main Committee's meetings shall be formal with the presence of the majority of its members, and the decisions it takes shall be valid with the participation of the majority of the present members. In case the affirmative and the negative votes are equal, there prevails the side with which the committee chairperson votes.
Schools wishing to increase tuition fees apply to study their request through the private education portal on the website of the tuition fee program during the period determined by the committee annually and in line with the annual academic calendar.
  1. A new school or a school that has relocated to another building shall be assessed by the Ministry's Main Committee according to the standards set by the committee.
  2. The Main Committee may interpret the standards and the regulatory procedures in such a manner that may not stand in contravention of the articles contained herein, and may consider schools' applications for tuition increases in light of the prevailing inflation rate.
  3. Upon consideration and review of the tuition, the Main Committee shall implement the following criteria:

    Cost and Efficiency Criteria:

    Criterion Remarks Percentage
    A building designed for educational purposes It is a building which is duly licensed to be an educational facility 20
    Legislative Changes New rules and regulations issued by the government10
    Introducing additional fixtures to the school Any new fixtures that would further the educational process and the provision of services
    Commitment to supporting the salaries of Saudi teachers Commitment to supporting the salaries of Saudi teachers15
    Observing the percentage of accommodation provision according to the geographical areas Observing the predetermined percentage of accommodation provision15
    Classroom density averageRatio of the total number of students to the total number of classrooms5
    Additional curricula taught by the school New approved enrichment curricula taught by the school5
    Annual assessment of the school Annual assessment of private and international schools20

The committee shall have a general secretariat composed by virtue of a decision taken by its chairperson. It shall assume the following functions:

  • Auditing the applications submitted to the tuition review committee to verify satisfaction of all conditions.
  • Writing the annual committee performance report.
  • Lending technical and administrative support to the committee and preparing all actions relating to its meetings and business.
  • Informing the educational administrations about the decisions approved by the tuition review committee.

After the approval of the tuition by the Ministry, schools shall be obliged to notify the parents and guardians of the approval before the end of the academic year in line with the period specified in the private schools regulations.

Should a school fail to notify the parents and guardians of the new tuition within the prescribed period, that school will be dealt with pursuant to article eleven contained herein.

The collection of the tuitions is a specific responsibility of the school and shall be conducted according to the contract between the school and the parent, which will act as the legal reference for resolving any dispute that may arise. Students should not be considered a party to the disputes between the school and the parents.

A parent may lodge a complaint via the private education portal against any tuition increase that is not approved by the Ministry. The sub committees shall review these complaints and shall notify the parents of the pertinent decisions.

Private and international schools whose applications for raised tuitions are rejected may file a grievance in accordance with the grievance filing form used in the electronic tuition system within the one month period allotted for filing grievances starting from the date the school is notified of the decision either in writing or electronically.

Schools which do not comply with the rules contained herein shall be subject to the private schools provisions which were issued by virtue of Cabinet resolution 1006 and dated 13/8/1395 AH and shall be subject as well to the international schools regulations which were issued by Cabinet resolution 36 and dated 4/2/1418 AH.

The Main Committee shall revise these rules every two years and shall submit them to a competent authority for necessary amendments, in such a way that may be in the interest of the common good.

These rules shall be approved by the Minister.

These rules shall come into force on the date of adoption.