School Health

School health entails a host of concepts, principles, systems, and services to promote student health at an early age. Tapping into the health sciences will increase public health in preventive medicine, health education, biostatistics, nutrition, and educational sciences. The goal is to invest in communication and media to directly spread health awareness at schools or indirectly in mainstream society.

School Health Objectives

Overall Objective

Raising awareness, promoting and maintaining student health by using particular health indicators, and monitoring them regularly.

Detailed Objectives

  • Identifying health priorities in the school community.
  • Acquiring planning, implementation, and maintenance skills in school health.
  • Training educational practitioners in early detection of health problems.
  • Providing educational practitioners at school with health awareness skills.
  • Activating coordination between health practitioners and the school community.
  • Providing health services that enhance school and community health.
  • Developing the skills of health practitioners to interact effectively with the school Community.