​The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques' External Scholarship Program: Qualifying Competencies to Compete in the Labor Market and Scientific Research Globally and Locally

The approval of the High Commissioner was issued in 2005 AD for scholarships for those wishing to continue their university and higher studies to obtain academic degrees that meet the needs of the labor market and the requirements of development in the Kingdom, as the program has gone through a number of stages since its inception until today, and find out the most important obstacles facing them in their educational journey, as the second phase of the scholarship began in 2011 AD, and in the third phase came the experience of the project (Your Job Your Mission) in 2015, where the Ministry worked to link scholarships with the specializations required in the labor market to provide jobs for the scholarship.

 In 2019 AD, the Ministry announced the end of the third phase of the scholarship, as it worked to organize a new path for scholarship, namely:

Path of Exc​ellence for Scholarships​:

It aims to achieve the requirements of comprehensive development in accordance with the Kingdom's 2030 vision; In order to raise the level of scientific qualification for male and female students through their scholarships to distinguished international educational institutions in a way that contributes to the development and refinement of their knowledge and capabilities in various fields and specializations, and the path is characterized by the presence of new and varied specializations that contribute to building a prosperous economy and support the promising sectors of the Kingdom such as tourism, tourism management and hospitality, and building competitive attractive to the Kingdom Like business administration, economics and human resources, as well as contributing to building a vibrant society and raising the quality of life, such as sports, sports management, environmental science and environmental management, all of this is to build an ambitious nation with its production and achievements and support the responsibility of its citizens to initiate and create opportunities to achieve the Kingdom's aspirations in the next stage.

Required Majors:

The specializations required in the Scholarship Excellence Path include a number of specializations. The most important of which are: Business Administration, Sports and Sports Administration, Hospitality Management, Tourism and Tourism Management, Public Policy and Administration, Criminal Justice, Media and Communication Sciences, Social Sciences, Economics, Maritime Sciences, and National Security. Environmental sciences, environmental management, anthropology, political science and international relations, history, philosophy, geography, human resources, and social service.

Path Cond​itions:

  1. The applicant must be a Saudi national.
  2. The applicant must be of good conduct.
  3. Obtaining unconditional direct admission to one of the specified specializations and educational institutions in order to obtain bachelor's, master's or doctoral degrees, bearing in mind that the program accepted in it is academic or professional and not executive.
  4. The study should be in the country of the main center of the educational institution.
  5. School attendance.
  6. Equivalence of previous qualification if the applicant graduated from an educational institution outside the Kingdom.
  7. The applicant's documents must be complet​​e and correct during registration, and those whose information recorded on the website is proven to be inconsistent with the official documents will be excluded​.​​