​​​​International Agreements​

The Ministry of Education is working to develop the education system in general by touching and studying global experiences in the field of education and training, by creating a framework for developing cooperative relations between Saudi and international universities. This aims at identifying the most prominent developments witnessed by international universities, and identifying the frameworks for cooperation and coordination in order to strengthen fruitful and constructive twinning.  These international partnerships achieve enhanced benefit from the academic, educational and research capabilities available between these universities. This can be achieved through the exchange of programs, academic expertise and research, the establishment of joint research projects, the organization of scientific seminars and conferences, and the organization of student exchange programs at the level of cooperative training or summer visits. Through these programs, it is possible to create a fertile environment that enriches institutions, their employees and the educational process, and take them towards global horizons. The Saudi experience, through the establishment of international exhibitions and conferences for higher education, reflects the Ministry’s interest in developing the performance of universities in light of challenges and keeping pace with technologies in the field of education, through the initiative to establish solid bases for science and technology in the fields of education, culture, science and knowledge. In addition, the implementation of joint educational scientific programs and projects that achieve the common goals and meet the relevant needs in the field of using technologies in education, conferences, seminars and workshops.

​The Ministry signed agreements and memoranda of understanding with a number of international partnerships with a number of relevant authorities, the most prominent of which were:

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