​​​​​​​​​​The Ministry of Education has enabled all students to transform the educational process into distance education and electronic learning, through free access to various educational platforms, which are the unified education system (Madrasati Platform) and the National Education Portal (iEN TV Channels).

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IEN channels::

The Ministry of Education has launched 12 free educational satellite channels for all stages of general education. All students can benefit from the educational content in these channels over the frequency: Arabsat 12360 Vertical, in addition to direct broadcast links via the Internet, including:
  • (First Grade ) For computers & smartphones.
  • (Second Grade ) for computers & smartphones.
  • (Third Grade) for computers & smartphones.
  • ( Fourth Grade ) for computers & smartphones.
  • ( Fifth Grade ) for computers & smartphones.
  • (Sixth Grade) for computers & Smartphones.

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Madrasati Platform:

It is an e-learning management platform provided by the Ministry of Education completely free of charge. It includes many electronic educational tools that support teaching and learning processes, and contribute to achieving the educational goals of the curricula. Madrasati supports the achievement of skills, values and knowledge for students to be in line with the digital requirements that the Ministry is working to develop continuously.​

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Office 365 software package for students:

The Ministry of ​Education provides students with a free copy of the Office 365 Education application package, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams, besides the Classroom Tools.