The service-level agreement aims to increase customer satisfaction following the MOE’s technical standards following the directives set forth by executive order to provide MOE clients with the highest levels of customer service. To this end, the MOE ensures the provision of electronic services through its e-portal and smart devices. Furthermore, the MOE has made every effort to facilitate and accelerate the completion of end-user official transactions using the Ministry’s electronic services.

All e-services users must agree to the terms and requirements of each service as set out in the e-services guide​. All electronic services will be updated and added continuously to the guide.

The Ministry of Education portal provides necessary help and support to beneficiaries as required to accommodate largest possible number of visitors.

The portal makes available text and multimedia content in addition to detailed information and hyperlinks into forms of help like  frequently asked questions,terms & conditions and policies, comments and complaints anda contact-us page.

Ministry of Education is keen to put first user information confidentiality and privacy. Policies that govern confidentiality and privacy are in place and work carried is applying all respective terms throughout the portal. For more information in this regard, please visit Terms, Conditions and Policies page.
The Ministry of Education is committed to interact and respond to all inquiries received from the beneficiaries by visiting the Contact-Us pages and the Suggestions and Complaints page​.
You can review the service level agreement of all e-services provided by the Ministry by visiting​  the e-services directory page.