The Minister of Education announces during a press conference about the new academic calendar, development of the study plans, curricula and three semesters





His Excellency the Minister of Education Dr. Hamad bin Muhammad Al-Sheikh announced the new academic calendar for the year 1443 AH (2022) for the general education; including the development of curricula, the study plans, the three semesters, and the additional developments that follow.  His Excellency considered these elements as the vital elements of development; to keep pace and compete with the best international practices, and to achieve the objectives of developing human capabilities, and the Kingdom's vision 2030.
His Excellency stressed during the press conference held today at the headquarters of the Ministry of Education that the educational system development project represents the first stage of the continuous work in which everyone participates to create a better future for the sons and daughters of the nation who deserve an educational system that fulfills their dreams and aspirations. He indicated that the Ministry of Education is continuing its journey to develop the educational system, through the optimal investment of the academic year, educational resources, and raising the level of efficiency of the education system.
The Minister of Education said that the academic calendar will be in a three-semester system instead of two semesters, with each semester consisting of 13 weeks, pointing out that the new academic calendar includes 12 vacations during the school year, and in each semester there are long weekends as well as a vacation between each semester and another.
Dr. Al-Sheikh added that the application of the developed study plans would start from the next academic year.  This would be consistent with the requirements of the curriculum development phase, and introduction of new curricula, by raising the efficiency of relative weights, indicating that new subjects will be included, curriculum development and teaching other subjects; depending on the needs of each stage and semester.
The Minister of Education stated that more than two years of continuous work in the Ministry of Education, based on particular studies carried out by specialized teams. The main conclusion was reached that the current education system needs real and profound development. “The Kingdom results in the international tests are below the average, and the gap between the Instructional days and the actual studying days reaches up to 4 years,” the Minister said. He added that these challenges could not be overcome with conventional methods, pointing out that comparisons with developed countries indicate a gap between the educational system in the Kingdom and those countries in the number of the actual studying days.
The Minister of Education praised the achievements and figures achieved by "Madrasati" during the academic year 1442 AH, which enabled it to be part of the UNESCO study as the best four global models in distance education in partnership with everyone. He pointed out that the Ministry of Education presented a unique model of partnership with society and integration with its institutions, appreciating the national responsibility, and working with a strategic vision that meets the needs of the future despite the pandemic circumstances.
His Excellency thanked the schoolteachers, university faculty members, training staffs, and administrators for their distinguished efforts, determination and dedication to fulfill their mission during the exceptional school year. He also thanked every mother and father, and all family members for their active partnership with the Ministry of Education in their support for the continuation of the educational process remotely for their sons and daughters.
The Minister Al-Sheikh stressed that all employees of the Ministry of Education should quickly obtain the Coronavirus vaccine before 1st of August , 2021, in the sake of their health and the safety of everyone, and the safety of the work environment from risks. In addition to ensuring the regularity of the semester attendance of the educational process for the next academic year.

6/2/2021 1:14 PM