Social media 

​​​​​Social media are the new and more popular means of communication that have utilized the internet and mobile technologies to engage in an interactive dialogue. The Ministry used these technologies to interact directly with its target audience by publishing information and news. This interaction has enabled the Ministry to learn about the audience’s attitudes and reactions towards emerging issues, developments, and the Ministry’s decisions.​

Characteristics of the Ministry’s Social Media

  • The networks reduce communication barriers by enabling direct contact between the Ministry and the target audience, without the need for additional channels.
  • The interactivity of social media permits the exchange of opinions and more opportunities to share comments.
  • Social Media networks are less expensive to follow up with Ministry news. They are a highly rapid and accessible source compared to the traditional media.
  • They stand to save time and effort about verifying the veracity of the information and rumors propagated about the Ministry by other media forms of media.
  • Content can be shared by retweeting or reposting a piece of news via Facebook or Instagram.
  • Social media can spread far and wide among the different segments of society, quickly reach the target audience, and request participation.
  • The use of the Ministry’s social media accounts is subject to the applicable general policies, procedures, conditions, and controls as contained in the guide on governing and regulation.